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qWizard, “AdminMgmtSys” etc

qWizard is over. Waiting to be implemented, pretty sure it’s never happening but got appreciation letters for the two phases projects (as two separate projects).
It played its part in my placement, thought it’s worth the mention.
Next project is "Administration Management System". Curricular, in .NET. Very VERY stupid project. The title, functionality and the group. Just nothing’s right about it but I’m gonna pull it as far as I can. And make a kickass application out of it.
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Internship in Aftek.
The interview was unlike anything else. No usual memorized shit. It was the opposite of memory test if anything. The interviewers were only interested in seeing how we thought about a given a problem. Especially for me, they checked test cases, validations, my ideas, reasons for using stuff that i’ve used etc so on. All projects were reviewed. By the time we reached the end of the interview session, I just started feeling that okay, this job might just be mine.
And it is. :D. 8k stipend. No "job offer". Offer letter gives me the designation of "Trainee Software Engineer". I hope I play my part right and get a full time job.
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qWizard — progress

I just have to pull it a little more, good reports UI and I’ll have it implemented at department level for "Sankalpa", the placement activity. Got HoD’s approval already, pretty excited!
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qWizard, my online quiz application, is now capable of taking questions via randomly generated sequence. i.e. Question 1 for one user can be different from Q1 for another user. Looks like this is approaching its end.
Final modules to be added:
- command line interface for the admin.
- command line interface for the DBA
- Web Interface for the DBA
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OT Kapalaat !!

OT कपाळात आलेलं आहे.

On other news, There’s maximum 12 hours remaining for the paper and I’m yet to start with the studies. Suxxness.

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Boredness. Studiosness. Flirtiness. Likeness. Niceness.

Love Newness.

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